Qum 100% Silk on Silk Sign By Iran Qum RedVI - AR2965

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Carpet No. ar2965
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Introducing carpet number AR2965, a stunning piece of artistry that combines exquisite craftsmanship with luxurious materials. This hand-knotted Persian carpet features a superb design, meticulously created with utmost precision. The border color elegantly showcases a deep, dark brown hue, beautifully framing the vibrant field color in a captivating shade of yellow.

Crafted from 100% Qum Silk on Silk, this carpet offers a truly indulgent experience. The use of premium silk material ensures a soft and lustrous texture, adding an extra touch of opulence to your space. Every step taken on this carpet will feel like a moment of pure luxury.

This masterpiece bears the prestigious signature of Iran Qum RedVI, a testament to its authenticity and quality. With its dimensions of 3.4 x 5 feet, this carpet is perfect for enhancing any room with its elegant presence.

Experience the allure of the Superfine Hand-Knotted Persian Design, embodying the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of Iran. Elevate your space with the beauty and sophistication of this magnificent carpet, making it a true centerpiece in your home or office.

AR2965 Details :

  • Carpet No. : AR2965
  • Measurement in fts: 3.4 x 5 ft.
  • Design : Superfine Hand-Knotted Persian Design
  • Border Color : Dark Brown
  • Field Color: Yellow
  • Material: 100% Qum Silk on Silk
  • Sign By: Iran Qum Red VI
Qum 100% Silk on Silk Sign By Iran Qum RedVI - AR2965
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