Persian Keshan Runner with 4 Centre Medallions Design - AR3606

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Carpet No. AR3606
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Introducing Carpet No. AR3606, a Superfine Hand-Knotted Persian Keshan Runner that exudes timeless elegance. Measuring at 3.3 x 9.10 ft., this carpet is a true work of art, destined to become the centerpiece of your home decor.

The design of this Persian Keshan Runner is nothing short of breathtaking. It boasts four exquisite center medallions set against a rich red field, creating a harmonious symphony of color and pattern. Each medallion is a masterpiece in its own right, intricately woven with traditional motifs that tell stories of a bygone era. The combination of the deep blue border and the fiery red field adds a touch of regal splendor to any room.

Crafted from natural wool, this carpet not only showcases the skilled craftsmanship of its makers but also provides a luxurious and comfortable underfoot experience. Whether it's adorning your hallway, corridor, or any other space, this Superfine Hand-Knotted Persian Keshan Runner will transform your home into a place of beauty and sophistication.

Elevate your interior décor with Carpet No. AR3606, where tradition meets artistry, and let this exquisite runner weave stories of the past into the fabric of your living space.

AR3606 Details:

  • Carpet No. : AR3606
  • Design: Superfine Hand-Knotted Persian Keshan Runner with 4 Centre Medallions Design
  • Measurement in fts : 3.3 X 9.10 ft.
  • Border Color: Blue
  • Field Color: Red
  • Material: Natural Wool
Persian Keshan Runner with 4 Centre Medallions Design - AR3606
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