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Persian Hamadan Vintage Wool Carpet - AR3608
Superfine Persian Hamadan Vintage Wool Carpet with Long Centre Medallion and Dark Brown Border Carpet No: AR3608Measurement in fts: 4.5 X 6.8
MYR 4,500 MYR 2,950
Khawaja Roshni Afhan Turkman with All-over Small Medallion - AR3638
Superfine Khawaja Roshni Afghan Turkman Wool Made Of Fine Kurk Wool All-over Small Medallion Design Carpet No:  AR3638Measurement in fts: 6.2 X 9.9
MYR 11,500 MYR 7,500
Superfine Indo Khazak Purple with Cream Border-AR0626
INDO Vegi Khazak Purple with Cream Border Carpet No: AR0626Measurement in fts: 4 X 6
MYR 4,500 MYR 1,500
Persian Keshan with Nice Traditional Long Centre Medallion - AR3557
Superfine Persian Keshan Cream and Light Brown Border with Nice Traditional Long Centre Medallion Carpet No: AR3557Measurement in fts: 3.6 X 4.10
MYR 4,500 MYR 1,800
Persian Hamadan Tribal Runner Carpet - AR3582
Superfine Persian Hamadan Tribal Red Blue Wool Runner Carpet with 3 Medallion Carpet No: AR3582Measurement in fts: 3.8 X 9.9
MYR 6,000 MYR 1,900
Pak Persian Caucasian Design Baby Lamb Wool with Silk Touch & Base Cotton - AR3688
Superfine Hand-Knotted Pak Persian Caucasian Design Baby Lamb Wool Blue & Cream Border with Silk Touch & Base Cotton Carpet No: AR3688Measurement in fts: 2.8 X 3.6
MYR 900 MYR 380
Superfine Baluch Wool - AR3755
Superfine Baluch Wool & Wool Blue with Cream Border   Carpet No: AR3755 Measurement in fts: 4 x 5 Your browser does not support our video.
MYR 3,500 MYR 1,600
Pak Persian Classic Wool - AR3040
Superfine Pak Persian Classic Wool Cream & Brown Carpet No: AR3040Measurement in fts: 6.2 X 9.6
MYR 12,000 MYR 6,500
Persian Hamadan with Centre Medallion - AR3575
Superfine Persian Hamadan Bright Red and Nice Black Centre Medallion. Carpet No: AR3575Measurement in fts: 4.0 X 5.8
MYR 4,500 MYR 2,200
Persian Khazak - AR2841
MYR 3,800 MYR 1,350
Persian Khazak - AR2841
Superfine Persian Khazak Allover Blue & Cream Box Pattern CARPET NO: AR2841MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 4.0 X 5.10
MYR 3,800 MYR 1,350
Persian Hamadan with Long Pick Medallion - AR3478
Superfine Persian Hamadan Hand Knotted Wool With Long Pick Medallion And Black Border. CARPET NO: AR3478MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 3.9 X 6
MYR 3,500 MYR 1,800
Bukhara Baby Lamb Wool Phone Pad - AR3737
Superfine Hand-Knotted Bukharah Baby Lamb Wool Phone Pad Carpet No: AR3737Measurement in fts: 1.0 X 1.0
MYR 164 MYR 98
Superfine Hand-Knotted Pak Persian Isfahan Baby Lamb Wool Light Green Allover Floral Design With Cream Border & Fine Cotton Base CARPET NO: AR3658MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 8 X 10
Qum Silk on Silk Dome Design Sign By Master Qum Masumy - AR3531
Superfine Persian Qum Silk on Silk Dome Design Green Carpet Sign By World-Famous Master Qum Masumy Carpet No: AR3531Measurement in fts: 4.5 X 6.7 
MYR 29,000 MYR 26,000
Superfine hand-knotted Kazak double-dome design work of art made by one of the famous carpet weavers in Kazakhstan. CARPET NO. - AR3642 MEASUREMENT - 6.9 X 9.8 Your browser does not support our video.
Versace Black Silver Silk Border-AR2926
Versace Black Silver Silk Border-Ar2926 CARPET NO: AR2926MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 6.2 X 9.4


Choose from a variety of designs and color combinations to create the perfect rug.

Bedroom Collection

Our Bedroom Series contains a lot of carpet collections that might suitable for client's bedroom and eye comfort in their personal room

Dining Series

Fancy up your floor with our extraordinary hand-knotted quality runner carpets. Any room deserves a runner carpet too for the unique and fancy vibes in your room.

Living Room Series

Our Home Series contains a lot or carpet collections that suitable for our client's living room that might suitable for our future client on choosing the carpet.


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Inspiring Presentation at BNI Inspire Chapter Meeting

Inspiring Presentation at BNI Inspire Chapter Meeting

The exquisite quality Qum Silk-on-Silk carpet was one of the highlights of the meeting. During its inherently grand presentation, it kindled the fascination of Business Network International members instantly once rolled out. Besides a showing of different types of hand knotted Persian carpets, namely Turkish, Iranian, Pakistani, Afghanistan wool and...
Persian Rugs Backdrops Agong Book Launching

Persian Rugs Backdrops Agong Book Launching

We are filled with immeasurable pride, gratitude and joy seeing our carpets from Abee Rugs (The House of Persian Carpets) gracing the prestigious book launching event and ornamenting this significant moment.

Welcome To AbeeRugs

Abee Rugs have the biggest collection of Award Winning Hand Knotted Persian & Oriental carpets with unbeatable price at our Largest Showroom at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Every pieces are designed by experienced professional designers & made by well-heeled craftsman which makes it beautiful & unique on its own way.

Abee Rugs carpets proven create wonders in our customer's home from various professions & tastes

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We always feel proud to show custom made carpet with 600 colour options for your design.

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Offers the finest and the largest collection of high quality hand knotted Persian and Oriental Carpets in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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