Afghan Killim Wool & Wool Red & Blue - AR3195
Superfine Afghan Kilim Wool & Wool Red & Blue Carpet No: AR3195Measurement in fts: 4.10 X 7.9
MYR 2,800 MYR 1,500
Tribal Boteh Runner - AR0771T
Superfine Persian Tribal Boteh Runner Red & White Border CARPET NO: AR0771TMEASUREMENT IN FTS: 3.8 X 9.11
MYR 3,000 MYR 1,900
Pak Persian Isfahan Red Allover Design Runner - AR3294
Superfine Pak Persian Isfahan Red Allover Design With Cream Border Runner CARPET NO: AR3294MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 2.7 X 10.4
MYR 8,000 MYR 3,800
Superfine Persian Wool Square Wool Ikat Design - VP021
Superfine Persian Wool Square Wool Ikat Design Brown, Cream & Grey CARPET NO: VP021MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 6.0 X 6.2
MYR 8,000 MYR 3,300
Superfine Persian Tabriz Old Red Blue & Green Medallion - AR3451
Superfine Persian Tabriz Hand-Knotted Wool Tree Of Life Motif With Beautiful Light Blue And Brown Border CARPET NO: AR3451MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 3.4 X 5.1
MYR 8,000 MYR 4,500
Persian Keshan with Long Medallion Red And Blue Border - AR3443
Superfine Persian Keshan Hand-Knotted Wool With Long Medallion Red And Blue Border CARPET NO: AR3443MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 3.4 X 5.4
MYR 7,000 MYR 1,800
Persian Hamadan with Long Pick Medallion - AR3478
Superfine Persian Hamadan Hand Knotted Wool With Long Pick Medallion And Black Border. CARPET NO: AR3478MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 3.9 X 6
MYR 3,500 MYR 1,800
Superfine Persian Bijar Tribal-AR0756
Beautiful Superfine Persian Bijar Tribal Red And White Border Antique Wash CARPET NO: AR0756MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 2.10 X 10.0
MYR 4,500 MYR 1,780
Superfine Indo Nepali-AR0816
Beautiful Superfine Indo Nepali Cream Allover Embosed CARPET NO: AR0816MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 4.11 X 8.2
MYR 4,000 MYR 1,750
Persian Tribal Botah Wool Runner - AR1550
Superfine Persian Tribal Botah Wool Runner Red With Cream Border CARPET NO: AR1550MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 3.5 X 9.1
MYR 6,000 MYR 2,800
Persian Tabriz Hand Knotted Tribal Wool-AR3449
Superfine Persian Tabriz Hand-Knotted Tribal Wool With Beautiful Orange And Blue Border CARPET NO: AR3449MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 3.7 X 4.10
MYR 7,000 MYR 1,300
Persian Hamadan Tribal - AR3563
Superfine Persian Hamadan Tribal Red and Blue Wool Carpet Carpet No: AR3563Measurement in fts: 4.7 X 6.10
MYR 7,000 MYR 2,800
Persian Sarouk Wool Runner With Medallion - AR3505
Superfine Persian Sarouk Hand Knotted Wool Runner With Beautiful 5 Medallion. CARPET NO: AR3505MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 2.8 x 9.7
MYR 4,000 MYR 1,750
Persian Khazak -AR2841
Superfine Persian Khazak Allover Blue & Cream Box Pattern CARPET NO: AR2841MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 4.0 X 5.10
MYR 3,800 MYR 1,350
Persian Keshan Wool Runner - AR3506
Superfine Persian Keshan Runner Hand Knotted Wool With Red And Blue Border CARPET NO: AR3506MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 3.3 X 9.10
MYR 4,500 MYR 1,900
Persian Gabbeh - AR2986
Superfine Pak Persian Gabbeh With Orange & Rust Stripes CARPET NO: AR2986MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 4.0 X 6.0
MYR 3,500 MYR 1,400
Persian Gaba Orange Multidesign-AR3164
Superfine Persian Gaba Orange Multidesign CARPET NO: AR3164MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 2.8 X 4.11
MYR 2,500 MYR 750
Pak Gabbeh Modern Cream Border - AR1417
Superfine Pak Gabbeh Modern  Grey and Cream Border Design Carpet No: AR1417Measurement in fts: 4.01 X 5.01
MYR 2,200 MYR 750
Pak Gabbah Wool Modern Design - AR0317
Superfine Pak Gabbah Wool Modern Design Red & Grey Border CARPET NO: AR0317MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 5 X 8
MYR 8,000 MYR 3,500
Multi Design Patchwork - AR3046
Superfine Persian Multi Design Patchwork Old Light Yellow Carpet No: AR3046Measurement in fts: 4.4 X 6.6
MYR 4,500 MYR 1,800
Modern Wool With Multicolour Stripe - AR3019
Superfine Persian Modern Wool with Multicolor Stripe (Pair) Carpet No: AR3019Measurement in fts: 3.0 X 4.9
MYR 1,800 MYR 480
Modern Classic Allover Design Light Green - AR3026
Superfine Pak Persian Modern Classic Allover Design Light Green with Gold Brown Borderless Carpet No: AR3026Measurement in fts: 5.6 X 8.1
MYR 11,000 MYR 4,500
Indo Vegi Runner - AR0204
Superfine Indo Vegi Black and Cream Runner Carpet No: AR0204Measurement in fts: 2.9 X 11.1
MYR 3,800 MYR 1,650
Indo Khazak Baby Lamb Wool Round - AR1665
Superfine Indo Khazak Baby Lamb Wool Round Light Cream with Rust Border Carpet No: AR1665Measurement in fts: 2.1 X 2.1
MYR 1,800 MYR 600
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