Abee Rugs is famous for variety of Persian Carpets & Rugs



“I LIKE TO call myself a floor artist”, Abee Rugs owner Naseer Bhatti has told me on many occasions. I always think this is not only witty, but a genuine description of what his fundamental talent is: being able to envision your floor in its room with your furniture and then conceptualizing the most flattering layers of fabric to place on top of it. Naseer is a highly sought – after interior design consultant, and for no extra charge, he will go to your home or office to see for himself where you are thinking to put your carpets and rugs before you purchase them. This extra service has resulted in highly satisfied customer over the past 25 years Naseer has been operating Persian carpets store here in greater KL.

As you looking around the KL area, you will see the huge number of Persian carpet store that seem to be ubiquitous; however, the large majority of them open and closed within a year. That‘s why you should always check a carpet store first for its longevity. Nasser Bhatti is a prominent businessperson and highly regarded as a thoroughly ethical person throughout the expat community .Equally importantly, he also understands how it feels to come here from either your home country or from another posting in a country far different from Malaysia, and how it feels to adjust to so many new and different things because he, too, is an expat. He and his family have lived in Malaysia for over 25 year and therefore can empathize with your situation and share the expat bond of “being outsiders living on someone else’s inside”, as I Like to describe it.

Naseer cares about his customer, to the extent that many of them continue to frequent his shop over the year because they trust his judgment, love his wide and diverse selection of premium quality carpets and are attracted to his low prices, especially when he told his sales .Naseer knows that a satisfied and happy customer will tell their friends and associates about their experience with them .That is the way he has built up such a successful reputation with a high number of clientele over the year.

An endearing and popular feature of Nasser’s stores, including his latest store Abee Rugs in the heart of the embassy district in Ampang, has being the convenient free, and ample parking right in front of the store. Just drive right up, walk on in, and be prepared for your immersion into a cosy, friendly environment which showcases hundreds of stunning rugs and carpets.

Abee Rugs only deals with hand- knotted Persian carpet (Persian Modern Design Carpet & Persian Classic Design Carpet), which are soured from all over the world .Each hand made carpet comes with specific design and colours and masterpiece, unique rug which is the only one in the world. Any carpet that you buy comes with a certificates guarantee card 100% trade-in value. If you should decide to change your carpets with another, newer selection, Abee Rugs takes it back at the same value and applies this to your new purchase


Source: The Expat Magazine May 2014