Passions Magazine Write-Up July 2012 - Persian Magic 09 Mar


Passions magazine write-up July 2012
Persian Magic
Naseer Bhatti of Abee Rugs

A Persian carpet is more than an item to cover the floor. It is a breathtaking piece of art, a piècé de résistance of its craft, and an extension of personality that will endure for generations, bearing witness to many memories. The most spectacular do not provide the finishing touches to a room; they are the room, so much so that home owners will instruct their interior designers to build the scheme around the carpet. A focal point, a centre-piece, call it what you will, one thing is for sure, your eyes will be mesmerized by the patterns.

Step into Abee Rugs and initially you look not for the rugs on the floor but for the spaces – observing the white tiles peeking through the vibrantly beautiful woven masterpieces. As you carefully navigate a route through the store, owner Naseer Bhatti arrives with a smile and assures with a hearty laugh “It is good to walk on the Persian carpets. In fact it adds value to them!” Despite this endorsement, it is difficult not to want to tread carefully in awe.

Tucked away in mid-town Kuala Lumpur, Abee Rugs has a spectrum of Persian carpets as broad as the personality of its customers. These masterpieces are imported from the carpet capitals of the world – Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Whether in traditional Persian style with centre medallion and flowers or a more modern design, the quality is the reflection of truly skilled craftsmanship. Preservation of quality is also assured by Abee Rugs’ after-sales service. And you need not worry after one of life’s unfortunate accidents because Abee Rugs is there to spare your blushes, and are available to spruce up the masterpiece prior to an important event or celebration.

Naseer imparts a slice of his 23-years experience with animated passion. “We urge customers to provide us their colour scheme and the style of their décor. The customer selects the carpet that catches his or her eye, but when we take the carpet to their home, we include a selection that I have personally chosen. Whether they opt for the original choice or follow our suggestion, one thing can be agreed upon – when the right carpet is unfurled there is no need for a second opinion – everyone in the room just knows it is the perfect one”.

The more a Persian carpet ages, the more expensive it becomes. The true value however is not in the price, but in the emotion invested in it from the moment it is created. The weaver translates personal experience and feeling into the design, then sentiments and memories become attached with the carpet as a central part of your life. Allow a Persian rug to remind you how intricate and beautiful the tapestry of your own life is.