The Expat write-up Dec-13

Abee Carpets Invites Expats to 80% Off

Abee Carpets Invites Expats to 80% off Naseer Bhatti, owner of Abee Carpets, has been a well-known professional for over 25 years in the Persian Carpet sector.

He has owned many successful stores and has a large clientele amassed over the years who go back to him repeatedly because of his expertise, knowledge, integrity and great offers.

He likes to say that he is an artist for your floors. A beautiful, stunning carpet can and does make a room come alive and evokes a mood you wish to have your family and visitors feel.

Abee Carpets has the biggest collection of hand knotted Persian and Oriental carpets with truly unbeatable prices in KL. They bring you the highest quality Persian Carpets and Rugs sourced directly from the premier places making these works of art --- Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

This December is the culmination of his year’s preparation for their biggest sale of the year. Up to 80% off most carpets including wide ranges of stock of various brands. This is Naseer’s gift to his customers to thank them for their loyal support over the years and to invite new friends to drop on in. Thousands of fine quality Persian carpets (Ardebil, Bijar, Bakhtiar, Qum, Shiraz, Tabriz, Mughal, Isfahan, Ferdos, Nain, Baluch), Abee Carpets Invites Expats to 80% off Silk carpets, Afghan carpets (Chobi, Kazak), tribal carpets (Khal Muhamamdi), Turkmen carpets (Bokhara), Pakistan Caucasian carpets, modern carpets and rugs, Gabbeh carpets and killims with a lot of designs, patterns and colors are available in their elegant and welcoming showroom.

Each carpet comes with unique design and colors (master piece/one piece is the only one in this world). Abee Rugs is the house of Persian carpets. So in Naseer’s house, he gives you a free consultancy before buying a carpet and then sells you your ideal dream carpet. After the sale, they always give care and maintenance services such as rug cleaning and washing,and even carpet repairs.


Abee Rugs also wants you to know of their famous guarantee: all carpets purchased will be appended with certificate guarantee card and 100% trade-in value; and whenever customers want to change to a new carpet,they will take it back for the same value. To my knowledge, this guarantee is unique among carpet stores in KL.Naseer also makes house calls as he is a highly regarded interior consultant. He will go to your home or office, talk to you about what you want to achieve and return with samples.

All of this is part of the package and there are no extra charges. Again, this is exclusive to Abee Carpets.Do yourself and your family a favour by dropping by to meet Naseer, have some of his famous tea, and take a tour in his very own Aladdin’s Castle of wondrous carpets.


By Marybeth Rame