Write Up - Passion Magazine Volume 57


Believing in providing quality at the most competitive prices, Abee Rugs imports directly from manufacturers in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. As a result, this house of carpets offers the biggest collection of hand-knotted Persian and Oriental carpets in Kuala Lumpur. Available in a wide range of designs, patterns and colours, these hand-made tapestries are so unique that no two are alike. Owned and managed by directors Naseer Bhatti and his wife Abeeda, Abee Rugs has always been dedicated to helping their clients and others learn more about the products they have available.


A Supportive Base

Naseer believes that a carpet can entirely transform a residence. With the right choice, any house can be enhanced — rooms can look grander or have a more modern ambience. As the selection is an important stage of the process, Naseer helps his customers, sharing his knowledge about the carpets he sells in order to give them a better understanding of their painstaking manufacture and storied history.


Information about the carpets is essential, as it allows purchasers to make the right choice of floor accessory for their homes, as well as helping them to understand how important it is to maintain and care for them; Naseer explains, "A carpet is a form of long-term investment, as its value can increase with time, so it is important for us at Abee Rugs to ensure that our clients buy them at their own pace. We also offer free consultancy and unique ideas should they require further assistance"


Knowledge Dissemination

Naseer's dedication to enlightening the public was highlighted on the 23rd of April when members of the International Women's Association of Kuala Lumpur (IWAKL) visited the Abee Rugs Showroom at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. This was part of an ongoing programme to learn about various world cultures as the IWAKL believes that beauty and uniqueness lie in diversity.

Led by the IWAKL President Tatyana Mekhontseva, 15 women of different nationalities gathered at the well-appointed showroom. Naseer then treated them to a most informative history of the majestic Persian carpet, including the processes and different techniques involved in weaving and dyeing carpets. The participants also discovered the different types of knots, styles and colours, and learnt how to recognise carpet quality by touch or feel.


A Better Understanding

Naseer encourages his customers to gain a better understanding of the carpets they are considering and offers a free trial to help them decide. Those who already know what they want can place a custom order with the company, which will have a carpet woven according to the requested style or design.


Persian carpets are well known for their link to an ancient culture, and these hand-woven objects have flair, elegance and grandeur -a refined and sophisticated decorative item, whose value will appreciate over time. Abee Rugs' Showroom holds a fine collection of these marvellous art pieces and is dedicated to helping you make the best match to adorn the floors of your home.


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