Bukhara Baby Lamb Wool Phone Pad - AR3737
Superfine Hand-Knotted Bukharah Baby Lamb Wool Phone Pad Carpet No: AR3737Measurement in fts: 1.0 X 1.0
MYR 164 MYR 98
Khawaja Roshni Afhan Turkman with All-over Small Medallion - AR3638
Superfine Khawaja Roshni Afghan Turkman Wool Made Of Fine Kurk Wool All-over Small Medallion Design Carpet No:  AR3638Measurement in fts: 6.2 X 9.9
MYR 11,500 MYR 7,500
Qum Silk on Silk Dome Design Sign By Master Qum Masumy - AR3531
Superfine Persian Qum Silk on Silk Dome Design Green Carpet Sign By World-Famous Master Qum Masumy Carpet No: AR3531Measurement in fts: 4.5 X 6.7 
MYR 29,000 MYR 26,000
Persian Khazak - AR2841
Superfine Persian Khazak Allover Blue & Cream Box Pattern CARPET NO: AR2841MEASUREMENT IN FTS: 4.0 X 5.10
MYR 3,800 MYR 1,350
Persian Wool All-over Design Old Wash - AR3038
Superfine Persian Wool Light Green All-over Design Old Wash Carpet No: AR3038Measurement in fts: 6.5 X 9.5
MYR 8,000 MYR 4,300
Persian Hamadan with Centre Medallion - AR3575
Superfine Persian Hamadan Bright Red and Nice Black Centre Medallion. Carpet No: AR3575Measurement in fts: 4.0 X 5.8
MYR 4,500 MYR 2,200
Superfine Harris Antique - AR2903
Superfine HARRIS Antique Wash Brown & Cream Border Carpet No:  AR2903Measurement in fts: 8.0 X 10.0
MYR 18,000 MYR 12,000
Superfine Indo Khazak Purple with Cream Border-AR0626
INDO Vegi Khazak Purple with Cream Border Carpet No: AR0626Measurement in fts: 4 X 6
MYR 4,500 MYR 1,500
Persian Hamadan Wool Runner - AR3588
Superfine Persian Hamadan Orange Wool Runner with Nice White and Black Motif Carpet No: AR3588Measurement in fts: 3 X 16.8
MYR 12,000 MYR 6,000
Persian Hamadan Vintage Wool Carpet - AR3608
Superfine Persian Hamadan Vintage Wool Carpet with Long Centre Medallion and Dark Brown Border Carpet No: AR3608Measurement in fts: 4.5 X 6.8
MYR 4,500 MYR 2,950
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