Afghan Killim Design Red & Blue - AR3195
Introducing our exceptional carpet, the Superfine Afghan Killim Design, a true masterpiece of artistry and cultural heritage. This captivating piece is meticulously handcrafted to bring a touch of elegance and warmth to any space. Measuring at 4.10 x 7.9 feet,...
MYR 2,800 MYR 1,500
Afghan Killim Design Black, White & Grey - AR2622
Introducing our remarkable carpet, the Superfine Afghan Killim Design, a stunning piece that combines contemporary style with traditional artistry. This exquisite carpet is meticulously handcrafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. Measuring at 5.0 x 7.11 feet, this...
MYR 2,500 MYR 1,300
99 Name Of Allah Silk & Wool - AR2546
Discover the timeless beauty of our Superfine Hand-Knotted Islamic Carpet, Carpet No. AR2546. This meticulously crafted carpet measures 3 x 4.9 feet and boasts a mesmerizing design showcasing the sacred 99 Names of Allah. Immerse yourself in the divine symbolism...
Qum 100% Silk on Silk Sign By Iran Qum RedVI - AR2965
Introducing carpet number AR2965, a stunning piece of artistry that combines exquisite craftsmanship with luxurious materials. This hand-knotted Persian carpet features a superb design, meticulously created with utmost precision. The border color elegantly showcases a deep, dark brown hue, beautifully...
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