Pak Single Knot Bokhara Red With Double Bokhara Motif - AR0077

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Carpet No. AR0077
MYR 1,200 MYR 599
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Introducing Carpet No. AR0077, a stunning hand-knotted rug featuring a Pak Single Knot with Double Bukhara Motif design. This rug measures 3.1 x 4.11 ft, making it an ideal size for adding warmth and beauty to any room in your home.

The intricate design of this rug showcases the renowned Bukhara motif, featuring double patterns that symbolize harmony and balance. The rich red field color serves as a bold backdrop, while the vibrant yellow border adds a pop of color and enhances the overall appeal.

Crafted with care, this rug is made from high-quality wool, known for its softness, durability, and natural resistance to stains and wear. The wool fibers also provide insulation, making this rug suitable for both decorative and functional purposes.

The Pak Single Knot technique used in the construction of this rug ensures intricate detailing and exceptional quality. Each knot is individually tied by skilled artisans, resulting in a rug that is not only visually appealing but also long-lasting.

Carpet No. AR0077 is a testament to the beauty of traditional hand-knotted rugs. Its exquisite design, vibrant colors, and premium wool material make it a perfect addition to any home décor, adding warmth, style, and a touch of cultural heritage.

AR0077 Details:

  • Carpet No. : AR0077
  • Design: Superfine Hand-Knotted Pak Single Knot with Double Bukhara Motif
  • Measurement in fts : 3.1 x 4.11
  • Border Color: Yellow
  • Field Color: Red
  • Material: Wool
Pak Single Knot Bokhara Red With Double Bokhara Motif - AR0077
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